Baby Swim Lessons

Discover how our Dallas Baby Swim classes have been specially designed to ensure that your baby develops a love of swimming both above and below the water’s surface, from their very first exposure to the calm aquatic environment.

Infant Swim Lessons

Our team takes a gentle approach to teaching children of all ages to respect the water. In turn, we respect the children, too. Teaching a child to swim is a long-term process that involves a delicate balance of sensitivity, motivation, skill, and fun!

10 Scientific Benefits Beyond the Water

Baby swim lessons accelerate a child’s development mentally and emotionally. (View the results of a study by Griffith University.) For decades, parents have noticed that swimming lessons, beginning with baby swim classes, have had a positive impact on their children.

Early swimming:

  • Develops the whole child
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Accelerates cognitive development
  • Is shown to improve IQs
  • Develops new nerve pathways that direct a child’s higher-level brain development
  • Increases memory capacity
  • Expands cerebral communication
  • Strengthens self confidence
  • Enhances tactile stimulation
  • Deepens the parent-infant bond

Choosing an Infant Swim School

International experts have determined the ideal requirements for baby swim schools:

  • A focus on safety at all times
  • Warm and welcoming atmosphere, with friendly and helpful staff
  • Clean pool and well-maintained facilities
  • Comfortable water and air temperature
  • Qualified staff