Baby Swim Lessons

Dolfin Swim School is pleased to offer year-round, once-a-week maintenance classes for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. Registration for these once-a-week classes is on a perpetual basis so that families are able to register and begin lessons at any time. Maintenance lessons are once-a-week, 30 minute lessons filled with skill development, safety and fun!

It all begins with building a strong bond of trust between the swimmer and the instructor. From this start, we add a carefully structured learning environment that allows the swimmer to be relaxed and comfortable around the water. Next, we add innovative teaching methods to keep learning fun and shorten the learning curve. Finally, we present knowledge and skills in a logical teaching progression so that one success builds upon another.

Class levels are based more on the skill level of the swimmers than their actual age. We often have very advanced swimmers at young ages because they start swimming in our progressive Baby Dolfin classes.

Our instructors are Red Cross certified and receive extensive in-house training in the Dolfin Swim School method.

FREE! Special guided class for the new parent to start an intimate and fun activity with their baby in warm, tranquil water. This class will focus on developmental activities that will enhance bonding, water acclimation, and socialization. (Annual Administration fee applies upon registration.)

6324053Baby Kick & SplashEnroll NowMon10:00am-10:30am4Linda "Lobster" D., Hannah " Halibut" H.FREE
7215157Baby Kick & SplashEnroll NowThu6:00pm-6:30pm5Linda "Lobster" D. 
6334585Baby Kick & SplashEnroll NowFri11:00am-11:30am4Linda "Lobster" D.112.00
Developed over the past 25 years, Dolfin teaches an excellent Baby Dolfin class. This is a mommy/daddy and infant/toddler class that teaches aquatic skills in a progressively structured, yet fun way. Most of our skills are choreographed to songs. Using a variety of toys, we teach progressive toy retrieval, back floating, breath holding that leads to swimming independently, jumping, and other important skills. Also included are daily safety lessons for babies around pools. Come be amazed!

6324052Baby Dolfin Enroll NowMon9:30am-10:00am4Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6324058Baby Dolfin Enroll NowMon10:30am-11:00am3Linda "Lobster" D., Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6324071Baby DolfinEnroll NowMon11:30am-12:00pm1Linda "Lobster" D.112.00
6324286Baby DolfinEnroll NowMon6:00pm-6:30pm3Linda "Lobster" D., Kat "Krill" W.112.00
6755947Baby Dolfin Enroll NowTue10:30am-11:00am2Linda "Lobster" D.112.00
6324695Baby DolfinEnroll NowTue6:00pm-6:30pm1Linda "Lobster" D.112.00
6324716Baby DolfinEnroll NowWed10:30am-11:00am4 112.00
7219281Baby Dolfin Enroll NowFri11:30am-12:00pm6Linda "Lobster" D.112.00
6335461Baby Dolfin Enroll NowSat9:00am-9:30am2Linda "Lobster" D.112.00
6336121Baby DolfinEnroll NowSat10:00am-10:30am1Linda "Lobster" D.112.00
6336180Baby DolfinEnroll NowSat11:30am-12:00pm2Linda "Lobster" D.112.00
This class is for the swimmer who has completed repetitive Baby Dolfin classes or is confident in the water already. We will start with a parent in the water with their swimmer mastering the advanced skills for our Baby Dolfin class. When each individual swimmer is ready, we'll transition that swimmer to learning the Dolfin 1 skills taught by an Instructor only (the parent will get out of the water!!). Prerequisites: Must have had previous positive water experiences, has separated from the parent outside of swimming by attending a MDO or preschool program, and can stay safely on the steps.

6636642Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowMon10:00am-10:30am2Sydni "Squid" J.112.00
6324068Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowMon11:00am-11:30am3Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
7199754Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowMon3:00pm-3:30pm3Kat "Krill" W.112.00
7239680Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowMon3:30pm-4:00pm1Kat "Krill" W.112.00
7201016Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowMon5:00pm-5:30pm3Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
7201034Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowMon5:00pm-5:30pm3Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6622616Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowMon5:30pm-6:00pm2Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6755906Baby Dolfin Pro Enroll NowTue9:00am-9:30am2Sydni "Squid" J.112.00
6755954Baby Dolfin Pro Enroll NowTue11:00am-11:30am2Sydni "Squid" J.112.00
6594218Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowTue12:00pm-12:30pm3Kat "Krill" W.112.00
7208692Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowTue3:00pm-3:30pm3Sydni "Squid" J.112.00
7208730Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowTue4:30pm-5:00pm2Monica "Manta Ray" H.112.00
6594425Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowWed10:00am-10:30am3Sydni "Squid" J.112.00
7212738Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowWed3:00pm-3:30pm3Kat "Krill" W.112.00
6594502Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowWed5:30pm-6:00pm1Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6533628Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowThu11:00am-11:30am2Kristyn "Killer Whale" A.112.00
7214240Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowThu4:00pm-4:30pm2Kat "Krill" W.112.00
7215151Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowThu6:00pm-6:30pm2Sydni "Squid" J.112.00
7219369Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowFri3:00pm-3:30pm3Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6916383Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowFri4:00pm-4:30pm3Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6584749Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowSat10:00am-10:30am1Kat "Krill" W.112.00
6336136Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowSat10:30am-11:00am1Monica "Manta Ray" H.112.00
6414314Baby Dolfin ProEnroll NowSat12:00pm-12:30pm3Monica "Manta Ray" H.112.00