Developmental Swim Lessons

Dolfin Swim School is pleased to offer year-round, once-a-week maintenance classes for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. Registration for these once-a-week classes is on a perpetual basis so that families are able to register and begin lessons at any time. Maintenance lessons are once-a-week, 30 minute lessons filled with skill development, safety and fun!

It all begins with building a strong bond of trust between the swimmer and the instructor. From this start, we add a carefully structured learning environment that allows the swimmer to be relaxed and comfortable around the water. Next, we add innovative teaching methods to keep learning fun and shorten the learning curve. Finally, we present knowledge and skills in a logical teaching progression so that one success builds upon another.

Class levels are based more on the skill level of the swimmers than their actual age. We often have very advanced swimmers at young ages because they start swimming in our progressive Baby Dolfin classes.

Our instructors are Red Cross certified and receive extensive in-house training in the Dolfin Swim School method.

Swimmers must be able to do freestyle with rotary breathing for a lap of the pool. They master breaststroke in this class. They continue to increase their distance on freestyle and backstroke. Open turns and racing dives accomplished. Advanced safety skills.

7199768Dolfin 3Enroll NowMon4:00pm-4:30pm1Kat "Krill" W.84.00
7213038Dolfin 3Enroll NowWed4:30pm-5:00pm3Kat "Krill" W.112.00
7215083Dolfin 3 Enroll NowThu5:00pm-5:30pm3Kat "Krill" W.112.00
Can be a combination of Dolfin 3's and Dolfin 4's. Swimmers should know the Dolfin 3 skills of freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke but don't yet have the endurance on these strokes to be able to swim 2-3 laps of them. They will be refining and building endurance on these strokes to move towards Dolfin 4 skills. Flip turns introduced. Extreme safety skills taught.

No class information is available at this timeNo class information is available at this time

Mastery class for older swimmers. They have learned 3 of the 4 competitive strokes and will learn butterfly in this class. They will also increase their endurance on all 4 of the competitive strokes. Extras: sidestroke, surface dives, treading water, racing techniques, and conditioning. Games too! Great training for our Dallas Dolfins swim team!

6334672Dolfin 4Enroll NowFri4:30pm-5:00pm2Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
7199800Swim Team Training class for Older swimmersEnroll NowMon4:30pm-5:15pm3Linda "Lobster" D.105.00
7219574Swim Team Training class for Younger swimmersEnroll NowFri5:00pm-5:30pm6 112.00