Dolfin Swim School is a family owned business with the owner intricately involved in every aspect of the business. It is not a big corporate business where you will be just another number. We know our families because we are working together as a team to instill the love of water and the necessary skill acquisition together. Our staff, from our office manager to the Instructors, are passionate about giving each swimmer and his/her family the personalized attention you would want and come to expect. Our Dolfin Swim School progression of skills is developmentally appropriate and effectively taught to each swimmer so that they can learn the strokes right the first time and grow to be proficient swimmers for a lifetime.


Dolfin Swim School is committed to giving personalized homework to each swimmer/parent after every class. You don't have to have a pool to do the homework. As a matter of fact, if a child swims in his/her own pool, he'll do the same thing he has always done on his backyard pool. Therefore, homework involves trying to get muscle memory for the aquatic skills by practicing the homework in either the bathtub, on the floor, or in front of a mirror. If the parent wants to see fast progress made in class, partner with us to have your swimmer practice the homework skills at home several times a week.

First, understand that swimmers often cry when they separate from you at the door. Please help by encouraging your child to "Have a good time!" when your sit your swimmer on the ready bench for class.

Second, if your swimmer continues to cry and look back towards you, it helps to position yourself out of sight from your swimmer so he doesn't expect you to do anything. Praise him a lot after class and say how proud you are of his efforts!

At Dolfin Swim School each swimmer is given a skill-level colored wristband with numbers on it. Each number correlates to a skill on that level. As a swimmer progresses through weeks of lessons, he/she will gain confidence, aquatic skills, and safety skills. The Instructor will mark your swimmer's wristband numbers as he/she shows mastery of each skill.

Each different Dolfin level has 11 skills to master before graduating to the next level up. Every level at Dolfin also has 2-3 skills that take a longer time to master because they are the crux of that level. So try not to get discouraged if your swimmer struggles with those particular skills. It's normal and expected. But once he finally master that skill, let's praise him for his persistence and hard work. BRAVO!!