Kids Swim Lessons

Dolfin Swim School is pleased to offer year-round, once-a-week maintenance classes for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. Registration for these once-a-week classes is on a perpetual basis so that families are able to register and begin lessons at any time. Maintenance lessons are once-a-week, 30 minute lessons filled with skill development, safety and fun!

It all begins with building a strong bond of trust between the swimmer and the instructor. From this start, we add a carefully structured learning environment that allows the swimmer to be relaxed and comfortable around the water. Next, we add innovative teaching methods to keep learning fun and shorten the learning curve. Finally, we present knowledge and skills in a logical teaching progression so that one success builds upon another.

Class levels are based more on the skill level of the swimmers than their actual age. We often have very advanced swimmers at young ages because they start swimming in our progressive Baby Dolfin classes.

Our instructors are Red Cross certified and receive extensive in-house training in the Dolfin Swim School method.


For swimmers who have graduated from the Baby Dolfin class, are new to Dolfin Swim School, or who are not yet comfortable in water. Swimmers learn to retrieve toys independently on the steps. They learn breath control, bobbing, back floating, streamline gliding, start rollover breathing, blast-off, jump and dive with assistance. Our goal for the swimmer is to be able to swim across the pool with assistance. Beginner safety skills introduced.

6324048Dolfin 1Enroll NowMon9:00am-9:30am2Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6324069Dolfin 1Enroll NowMon11:00am-11:30am2Linda "Lobster" D.112.00
6324072Dolfin 1Enroll NowMon11:30am-12:00pm2Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6324084Dolfin 1Enroll NowMon12:00pm-12:30pm3Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6324192Dolfin 1Enroll NowMon3:30pm-4:00pm3Wesley "Wolf Herring" G., Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6324292Dolfin 1Enroll NowMon6:00pm-6:30pm1Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6592111Dolfin 1Enroll NowMon4:30pm-5:00pm1Julia "Jellyfish" N.112.00
6533271Dolfin 1Enroll NowMon9:30am-10:00am1Linda "Lobster" D.112.00
6582682Dolfin 1Enroll NowMon3:00pm-3:30pm2Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6582830Dolfin 1Enroll NowMon5:00pm-5:30pm2Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6582850Dolfin 1Enroll NowMon6:00pm-6:30pm1Julia "Jellyfish" N.112.00
6582891Dolfin 1Enroll NowTue4:30pm-5:00pm1, Monica "Manta Ray" H.112.00
6449273Dolfin 1Enroll NowTue4:00pm-4:30pm2Scott "Shark" J.112.00
6755990Dolfin 1Enroll NowTue12:00pm-12:30pm2, Bonnie "Barnacle" N.112.00
6593677Dolfin 1Enroll NowTue9:00am-9:30am2Bonnie "Barnacle" N.112.00
6594239Dolfin 1Enroll NowTue3:00pm-3:30pm3Linda "Lobster" D.112.00
6324304Dolfin 1Enroll NowTue9:30am-10:00am3Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6324663Dolfin 1Enroll NowTue3:30pm-4:00pm1Scott "Shark" J.112.00
6324707Dolfin 1Enroll NowWed9:30am-10:00am1Wesley "Wolf Herring" G.112.00
6324713Dolfin 1Enroll NowWed10:00am-10:30am2Wesley "Wolf Herring" G.112.00
6324960Dolfin 1Enroll NowWed12:00pm-12:30pm2Wesley "Wolf Herring" G.112.00
6324965Dolfin 1Enroll NowWed3:00pm-3:30pm2Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6324972Dolfin 1Enroll NowWed5:30pm-6:00pm1, Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6594443Dolfin 1Enroll NowWed10:30am-11:00am1, Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6594453Dolfin 1Enroll NowWed11:00am-11:30am2Wesley "Wolf Herring" G.112.00
6594458Dolfin 1Enroll NowWed12:30pm-1:00pm1, Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6594500Dolfin 1Enroll NowWed5:00pm-5:30pm3Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6594504Dolfin 1Enroll NowWed6:00pm-6:30pm2, Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6482129WAITING LISTEnroll NowWed6:00am-6:30am14  
6533284Dolfin 1Enroll NowThu9:00am-9:30am3Bonnie "Barnacle" N.112.00
6533293Dolfin 1Enroll NowThu9:30am-10:00am3, Bonnie "Barnacle" N.112.00
6594568Dolfin 1Enroll NowThu10:00am-10:30am3, Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6594587Dolfin 1Enroll NowThu11:00am-11:30am2Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6595108Dolfin 1Enroll NowThu3:00pm-3:30pm3Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6595113Dolfin 1Enroll NowThu3:30pm-4:00pm2Emily "Electric Ray" J.112.00
6595165Dolfin 1Enroll NowThu5:30pm-6:00pm2Emily "Electric Ray" J.112.00
6595173Dolfin 1Enroll NowThu6:00pm-6:30pm1Emily "Electric Ray" J.112.00
6334046Dolfin 1Enroll NowThu6:00pm-6:30pm1Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6334573Dolfin 1Enroll NowFri9:30am-10:00am3, Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6334577Dolfin 1Enroll NowFri10:00am-10:30am1Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6334598Dolfin 1Enroll NowFri12:00pm-12:30pm3Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6334605Dolfin 1Enroll NowFri12:30pm-1:00pm3Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6334629Dolfin 1Enroll NowFri3:00pm-3:30pm1, Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6630217Dolfin 1 4+ years ONLYEnroll NowFri5:00pm-5:30pm1, Bonnie "Barnacle" N.112.00
6630264Dolfin 1Enroll NowFri4:00pm-4:30pm2, Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6335449Dolfin 1Enroll NowSat8:30am-9:00am1Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6336226Dolfin 1Enroll NowSat12:00pm-12:30pm1Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6584776Dolfin 1Enroll NowSat11:30am-12:00pm1Julia "Jellyfish" N.112.00
For swimmers who have learned all the Dolfin 1 skills with assistance but are not able to do them independently yet. Our goal is that the swimmer is able to motorboat rollover by him/herself to the length of the pool and blast-off on his back to graduate to Dolfin 2. Elementary backstroke introduced. Beginner safety skills reinforced.

6324066Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowMon10:30am-11:00am4Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6324181Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowMon3:00pm-3:30pm2Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6324236Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowMon4:30pm-5:00pm1Thi "Turtle" N., Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6324295Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowMon6:00pm-6:30pm1Wesley "Wolf Herring" G., Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6592118Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowMon5:00pm-5:30pm2Julia "Jellyfish" N.112.00
6582721Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowMon3:30pm-4:00pm4Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6756028Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowMon12:00pm-12:30pm4Linda "Lobster" D.112.00
6815364Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowTue3:00pm-3:30pm1Scott "Shark" J.112.00
6755976Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowTue11:30am-12:00pm3, Bonnie "Barnacle" N.112.00
6447335Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowTue6:00pm-6:30pm3Scott "Shark" J.112.00
6594218Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowTue12:00pm-12:30pm4Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6594221Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowTue12:30pm-1:00pm3, Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6324309Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowTue10:00am-10:30am2Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6324672Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowTue4:30pm-5:00pm1Scott "Shark" J.112.00
6324680Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowTue5:00pm-5:30pm1Scott "Shark" J.112.00
6333811Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowTue10:30am-11:00am3Bonnie "Barnacle" N.112.00
6594423Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowWed9:30am-10:00am3Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6594465Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowWed3:30pm-4:00pm2, Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6805787Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowWed12:00pm-12:30pm4Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6594564Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowThu9:30am-10:00am3Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6594606Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowThu12:30pm-1:00pm3Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6533624Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowThu10:30am-11:00am1, Bonnie "Barnacle" N.112.00
6535130Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowThu11:30am-12:00pm2Bonnie "Barnacle" N.112.00
6535756Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowThu12:00pm-12:30pm2Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6334020Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowThu3:00pm-3:30pm2Emily "Electric Ray" J.112.00
6334042Dolfin 1-2/2Enroll NowThu5:30pm-6:00pm2Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6334572Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowFri9:00am-9:30am3, Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6334588Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowFri11:00am-11:30am3Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6334591Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowFri11:30am-12:00pm4Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6334638Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowFri3:30pm-4:00pm3, Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6334655Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowFri4:00pm-4:30pm3Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6348386Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowFri5:00pm-5:30pm3, Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6601778Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowFri3:00pm-3:30pm2Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6601787Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowFri4:30pm-5:00pm4Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6584781Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowSat8:30am-9:00am2Julia "Jellyfish" N.112.00
6335455Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowSat8:30am-9:00am1, Monica "Manta Ray" H.112.00
6335458Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowSat8:30am-9:00am2Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6336097Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowSat9:30am-10:00am2Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6336130Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowSat10:00am-10:30am2Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6336150Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowSat10:30am-11:00am2Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6336190Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowSat11:30am-12:00pm1Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6336229Dolfin 1-2Enroll NowSat12:00pm-12:30pm3Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
This is where the swimmer learns freestyle properly. We teach each part of the stroke separately, then add them together. Our goal is that the swimmer is able to do one length of freestyle and elementary backstroke independently to graduate to Dolfin 2-3. We will also introduce backstroke. Jump and dive by themselves. More advanced safety skills practiced!

6324102Dolfin 2Enroll NowMon12:30pm-1:00pm1Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6324185Dolfin 2Enroll NowMon3:00pm-3:30pm4Wesley "Wolf Herring" G., Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6324203Dolfin 2Enroll NowMon3:30pm-4:00pm3Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6324226Dolfin 2Enroll NowMon4:00pm-4:30pm1Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6324259Dolfin 2Enroll NowMon4:30pm-5:00pm1Wesley "Wolf Herring" G., Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6324268Dolfin 2Enroll NowMon5:00pm-5:30pm1Thi "Turtle" N., Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6533277Dolfin 2Enroll NowMon9:00am-9:30am2Linda "Lobster" D., Kate "King Krab" P.112.00
6324312Dolfin 2Enroll NowTue11:00am-11:30am3Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6324664Dolfin 2Enroll NowTue3:30pm-4:00pm3Linda "Lobster" D.112.00
6324963Dolfin 2Enroll NowWed12:30pm-1:00pm1Wesley "Wolf Herring" G.112.00
6324966Dolfin 2Enroll NowWed3:30pm-4:00pm2, Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6324967Dolfin 2Enroll NowWed4:00pm-4:30pm3, Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6333910Dolfin 2Enroll NowWed4:30pm-5:00pm1, Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6594462Dolfin 2Enroll NowWed3:00pm-3:30pm3, Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6629615Dolfin 2Enroll NowWed5:30pm-6:00pm1Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6630277Dolfin 2Enroll NowThu4:30pm-5:00pm2Emily "Electric Ray" J.112.00
6594572Dolfin 2Enroll NowThu10:30am-11:00am2Amanda "Australian Sea Lion" T.112.00
6334024Dolfin 2Enroll NowThu3:30pm-4:00pm1Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6334025Dolfin 2Enroll NowThu4:00pm-4:30pm2Emily "Electric Ray" J.112.00
6334576Dolfin 2Enroll NowFri9:30am-10:00am4Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6334599Dolfin 2Enroll NowFri12:00pm-12:30pm3Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6334641Dolfin 2Enroll NowFri3:30pm-4:00pm3Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
6334668Dolfin 2Enroll NowFri4:30pm-5:00pm1, Bonnie "Barnacle" N.112.00
6334678Dolfin 2Enroll NowFri5:00pm-5:30pm3Hannah " Halibut" H., Monica "Manta Ray" H.112.00
6334685Dolfin 2Enroll NowFri3:00pm-3:30pm3, Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6335460Dolfin 2Enroll NowSat8:30am-9:00am2, Scott "Shark" J.112.00
6335468Dolfin 2Enroll NowSat9:00am-9:30am1, Monica "Manta Ray" H.112.00
6336110Dolfin 2Enroll NowSat9:30am-10:00am1, Scott "Shark" J.112.00
6336131Dolfin 2Enroll NowSat10:00am-10:30am1, Monica "Manta Ray" H.112.00
6336164Dolfin 2Enroll NowSat11:00am-11:30am3, Julia "Jellyfish" N.112.00
6336230Dolfin 2Enroll NowSat12:00pm-12:30pm2, Scott "Shark" J.112.00
6644055Dolfin 2Enroll NowSat11:30am-12:00pm1Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
Can be a combination of Dolfin 2's and Dolfin 3's, or it can be a more advanced Dolfin 2 class. They will know freestyle with rotary breathing, but have not yet mastered it for a lap of the pool. Refining freestyle and backstroke will be the main focus, plus the introduction of breaststroke. Advanced safety skills too!

6324665Dolfin 2-3Enroll NowTue4:00pm-4:30pm3Linda "Lobster" D.112.00
6629524Dolfin 2-3Enroll NowTue5:00pm-5:30pm3, Monica "Manta Ray" H.112.00
6594469Dolfin 2-3Enroll NowWed4:00pm-4:30pm1, Thi "Turtle" N.112.00
6324970Dolfin 2-3Enroll NowWed5:00pm-5:30pm2, Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6334029Dolfin 2-3Enroll NowThu4:30pm-5:00pm1Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6595153Dolfin 2-3Enroll NowThu5:00pm-5:30pm1Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6334643Dolfin 2-3Enroll NowFri3:30pm-4:00pm2, Jacob "Japanese Spider Crab" C.112.00
6335469Dolfin 2-3Enroll NowSat9:00am-9:30am3, Scott "Shark" J.112.00
6336168Dolfin 2-3Enroll NowSat11:00am-11:30am2Hannah " Halibut" H.112.00
This is a class for those older kids who have not developed strokes yet. We offer a special class for those older swimmers so their egos aren’t hurt by being in a class with younger swimmers. As the swimmers develop foundational skills, they will learn freestyle and backstroke. Elementary backstroke, breaststroke, diving, safety jump and floating independently will also be taught.

6629539Super 7sEnroll NowTue5:30pm-6:00pm2, Monica "Manta Ray" H.112.00
6601789Super 7sEnroll NowFri5:00pm-5:30pm3Thi "Turtle" N.112.00