New Swimmers

Welcome to Dolfin Swim School….where kids LOVE to learn!! We are so excited to have your family become part of our Dolfin pod! We will give 110% to make sure that your experience with our swim school will be exceptional.

First, if you were referred to Dolfin Swim School by a friend, please make sure that you send us an email with that family’s name. We want to make sure that they get their “Dolfin Dollars” for speaking so kindly about our programs.

Second, we want to answer all your questions and make you as comfortable as possible from the first day of classes to when your swimmers finally move on.

Third, you are SPECIAL to us. Thanks for choosing Dolfin Swim School so your swimmers can SHINE!

Fourth, let’s be teammates together so your swimmer can learn the skills in class, practice the skills at home, and then show off their mastered skills in class soon. Together we soar!