Rave Reviews


We just finished our swimming season and I wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with the progress our children made. I really thought Will would kick and scream his way through swimming lessons and he had absolutely no issues at all. I was amazed with his progress. Thanks for such a wonderful program. As you know, we are true Dolfin believers!!!

My boys are enjoying swimming more than I ever expected. Each night in the bath they ask me to “pretend to be Ms. Linda" and help them practice.

Thanks for your patience and your absolutely amazing skills with Aidan today. It’s so great to have him with you. You found a way to get him to work with you—and we really appreciate your approach and your consistency. At home he is so PROUD of himself and has a very different relationship to the tub—blows bubbles in the water, washes his own hair, etc.

Our 3 boys wanted to take swimming lessons so bad this Spring that they said “We’ll give our Christmas money!

I got the September newsletter and it made me miss you and Dolfin Swim School even more! We moved to Oklahoma City in January and I have had a terrible time finding a place for Meredith to continue her swimming education! It seems as if everyone is grouping by age rather than ability these days which makes things very difficult for me. I truly believe that starting Meredith with Dolfin Swim School at 6 months is part (or all) of the reason why she is so advanced for a three year old. She jumps off our diving board and swims the whole length of the pool, collects dive rings from the bottom of the pool and crawls in and out of the pool reciting "elbow, elbow, tummy, knee, knee." She has no fear of the water and has actually made huge strides this summer on the beginnings of some stroke technique both freestyle and back stroke. So I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much Dolfin Swim School has done for Meredith and how much we miss you. Not only did you provide her with an excellent swimming foundation but you did it while creating memories for both of us as well - we still sing Hopping Up & Down in My Little Red Wagon and do Motorboat, Motorboat when we are playing in the pool together. Again, thank you.

classes so much... I wanted to let you know that because we couldn't find a time in your summer schedule that worked, and we didn't want Harper to go all summer without lessons, we decided to enroll her at XXXX swim school during the summer with the intention of coming back to Dolfin in the fall. This has just confirmed for us that Dolfin is so much better, in terms of class structure, quality instruction, and one-on-one interaction between the children and instructors. We love your classes so much and really hope we have the opportunity to enroll Harper with you moving forward!

Hi Linda! Wanted to give you my info regarding how well Kate did going from spring lessons into summer but also wanted to tell you that Cole is doing GREAT!!! I know he struggled through his two weeks of lessons but they really did pay off. Literally the day of the last swim lesson, we went swimming with friends and he started putting his whole head under water for the first time!! He was so proud of himself and probably did it 30 times that afternoon. We had to pull him out of the water when it was time to go! As for Kate, she is swimming like a fish and it is amazing. Each summer I felt like we were starting over and by the end of the summer she would be swimming great. However, this year enrolling her in spring lessons was absolutely the best thing I have done with her regarding swimming. By the time summer was here she was already swimming confidently and her summer lesson was for moving on with new stuff instead of starting over from the previous summer. So, so glad we did it, and definitely plan on doing it with Cole too! Thanks Linda! Julie (Mom of Kate and Cole)

We are at our family beach home that has a pool in the back yard, and we were all coming off the boat. We being me, my Dad, Brooks (4) and Charlie (2.5)- all unloading the boat and heading back up to the house to find Charlie (2.5 year old) standing on the edge of the pool singing- "never, ever swim alone". Not that he couldn't jump in and turn over (thanks to your efforts); but truly heart warming to see him singing that song and the fact that he gets it. You and your program ROCK! Thanks for allowing us to learn so much from your amazing program. Sending lots of kicks from the east coast, your biggest fans--Mary S. and family

Sophie is loving the lessons, and she is improving soooooooo quickly! She jumped in the pool to me twice today and she can swim about 7 or 8 feet and roll on her back to breath! She asks to go to the pool everyday! She's like a different child. ~Tara (Sophie's mom)

Linda--Josie loved swimming lessons today! She really likes her teacher. We went to the YMCA tonight for a Grace Academy swim party and she swam FREESTYLE WITH HER BREATHING--alternating sides-- the entire length of the outdoor pool, and then got a "green" band and could jump off the diving board! A huge accomplishment in one year! Remember last year she would not even put her face in the water? And forget about jumping in :) Thanks to you and your staff for teaching her so much so quickly and boosting her confidence in the water. Tonight was really an accomplishment. Cindy (Josie's mom)

We've been spending as much time as we could the past few weekends at the UP pool. Two weekends ago Travis asked if he could jump off the diving board. He jumped and just loved it. I was so proud of him for swimming all the way to the side. A week later, he was begging to do the high dive. He jumped and swam all the way to the side. Of course he wanted to jump again and again. What impressed me the most was that in the few instances he became tired of swimming, he would turn to his back, float for a few seconds, and then flip back over to continue swimming. When I saw him do that, I was both shocked and excited because I knew that we had started practicing that skill from the time he was in Baby Dolfin. All of the practice and great instruction from your staff paid off because it was natural instinct for him. We had not directly practiced that skill since he was in classes last April, but he knew what to do in the pool. As if we didn't know already, this just affirmed to us how great it has been for Travis to have been in your classes. Not only is he (more than) comfortable in the water, but you've taught him the skills that allow him to have fun and stay safe. Thank you, thank you!!

I just wanted to tell you that Stella had a wonderful day at swimming today. She was so proud of herself when she told me about it. In the bathtub tonight, she gave lessons to her toys: "X, Y, I, pull the pencil." She told me that when she grows up, she is going to be a swim teacher named "Miss Linda Stella Lobster." Thank you for your patience with her, and for the other teachers' patience. You are a wonderful swim school, and I think that Stella is learning a lot more than how to swim. She has learned how to stick with something hard and that she might learn to enjoy it. Thank you so much!