Water Safety

We live in a state where there is water everywhere—lakes, pools, rivers, oceans, and even bathtubs. Every family needs a plan for protecting their children in aquatic environments.

Texas is the #1 state for unintentional drowning deaths for 1–4 year old children.

Children can never be completely safe around water, but they can be SAFER! The Swim for Life Foundation’s Safer3 provides recommendations to parents to provide layers of protection so that the risk of drowning or permanent brain damage from a near-fatal accident can be lessened.

There are so many things that parents, grandparents, and nannies can do to prevent childhood drownings and injuries around the pool:

  • Constant “touch supervision”
  • Installing isolation barrier fencing around pools
  • Installing door alarms and pool covers
  • Young/weak swimmers should wear coastguard-approved lifejackets

Visit TXDPA.org for more about water safety.

What Dolfins Learn About Safety

  • Never ever swim alone!
  • Reach and throw, but don’t go if someone else falls in!
  • Roll over and float calmly if they fall into water.
  • Get back to the wall if they fall into a pool.

These skills have proven to save many of our own Dolfin swimmers’ lives.Installing isolation barrier fencing around pools