Why Choose Dolfin

Safety First is Our Mantra and Our #1 Priority

Linda DeSanders, founder and a Master Instructor of Dolfin Swim School dedicates herself to saving lives through parent education, practicing daily swimmer safety skills, and teaching Water Safety education in the community to preschools and Mother’s Day Out programs.

Safety Is Taught In Every Single Class

We review a safety skill every time your swimmer comes to class, because Texas swimmers needs to be proficient to perform all these safety skills:

  • Knowledge of when and where they can swim with ADULT SUPERVISION!
  • Fall into water and get back to the wall or to a place of safety
  • Rollover and float independently
  • Safe water entries and exits
  • Reaching and throwing assists

Drowning is the leading cause of injury related death in Texas for children under 5 yrs. old. For every drowning, many more are left with permanent brain damage.

While taking swimming lessons is not a substitute for proper supervision and pool barriers, being able to swim well provides an extra layer of protection.

Swimming Fundamentals

Dolfin Swim School teaches the foundations for superb stroke mechanics in our entry level classes. Later, as we teach the strokes, we teach them technically correct the FIRST time so there are no bad habits to break later.

Parent Involvement

Parents are an integral part of the learning process. After class, instructors speak to each parent about what skills their swimmers needs to practice at night before returning to class. We even hand out homework sheets for each Dolfin level! Parents have the opportunity to reinforce new skills at home in the bathtub, on the floor, and even in front of a mirror.


Dolfin Swim School has a successful reward system to acknowledge our swimmers’ achievements. Our swimmers love:

  • Immediate verbal praises, high 5’s, splash 10’s, and hugs!
  • Dolfin treats after class
  • 27 colorful ribbons for mastery of different challenging skills
  • Ribbon booklet which allows them to preserve all their awarded ribbons
  • Pirate’s Treasure Chest